Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweet Sugar Sweet

Found this cute little sugar sticks pack at the supermarket last week. Open the top of the pack and transform it to be a mini coffee-shop-in-Paris. Yaayy..!! :D

Gulaku Sugar Sticks

I think Gulaku really has a great packaging team. ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wilde Gedachten

To all designers and design lovers, fashionista, bloggers, cyclist, business men and women, lecturer, students, everybody and you!!

Don't miss it.. The 2nd Product Design Award.. Be there and enjoy the show..!!
Looking forward to see you all there.. ^^

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pixel Sleeping Eye Mask

So, I saw some new products on designboom and this cute little sleeping eye masks are just sooo fuuunn..!! ^^
Wanna have some? Check out here!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Incheon International Design Awards 2010

The theme was Green Life. And I was really amazed by the results. I mean like whoaaahh..!! There are lots of great designers out there..

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you my favorite..

name of design : c - water
design by : chao gao from china
designer's own words:
C-WATER is a device which produces freshwater. It evaporates sewage, salt water and other watery objects by the use of heat generated from sunlight. It is applicable to wetlands, beaches, boats, sewage and other places. It has a flexible pull-type design. Not only can it be used as the deflector of steam, but also it is space-saving and convenient for transporting. What’s more, it is beneficial to travelers to use when they are out. The aim of C-WATER is to advocate the value of creating highly environmental protection with low costs.

What I like about this product..
The concept! When I first read the competition information at my uni, most of my thought are how to change the environment, or using the solar energy for some gadget and things like that. But this is so much more amazing! Using the solar energy for getting a pure water is just awesome.. ^o^
One thing that make me wondered is, how long could it take to have a glass of water using this product?
But after all, it is awesome! :D

It's clean and simple.. The form, the color, the signs. Nothing complicated.

Well done..
Congrats for the winners..!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bobble Sport Water Bottle

Buying bottled water is really a waste. But we need it for keep away from dehydration. How about using our own bottle? We keep on buying it when the water is running out, don't we??

Now see this cool little bottle designed by one of the greatest designer ever, Karim Rashid.

What makes it special is the awesome cap that filters tap water as you drink it. The water taste clean because the positively-charged carbon filter removes organic contaminants. Each filter gives you 2 months of  crisp and clean water, and you can replace the filter cap after that. Awesome! ^O^

And they come in 6 bold colours, red, blue, green, magenta, yellow and black. I love the blue one, off course, heheee.. :D

Get the Bobble Water Bottle for £9.95 from Scarlet & Jones.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Biedermeier

I'm new to this style, but I do curious about it..
So the story is.. I was checking on this group page Gaisbauer Furniture on my Facebook account and interested on their products. So I look at their website here and found a lot more gorgeous furniture..

Stool (walnut)
Sofa (walnut)
I'm not really a big fans of classic but I like some of classic furniture.. They come in great shapes, really.. Some were combined by another materials (like that stool) that made it look simpler and yet modern, not old.. And I love the fact that they usually manufactured by hand.. and this Gaisbauer Furniture, made me curious about the Biedermeier style that they use on their products.

On my conclusion, Biedermeier style in furniture design is one of the classic styles that was very influential during the early 19th century in Austria and Germany, when the prospering middle-classes wanted a simpler style than the pompous, magnificent Empire style with its grand monumental mahogany furniture.

Biedermeier furniture used locally available materials such as cherry, ash and oak woods. The furniture was simple and elegant. Its original geometric shape often leads it to being described as the forerunner of the modern furniture.

Secretaire (walnut)
The secretaire is one of my favorite. I think it might be the 'it' thing on that time, like you have to put them on your room so that could make you look more fashionable.. things like that, you know, you are very cool if you have one, hehee..

Anyway, Gaisbauer Furniture is also did some projects with other designer. From cocktail bar project to the office room. And I do have my favorite one of their project.. This oval dinning set designed by Ernst Fuchs is just sooo gorgeous..!! :D

Oval Dinning Set Designed by Ernst Fuchs

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Few Days To Halloween..

It's Halloween soon, you might have prepare costumes for the kids, or for you? Decorate the house and bought some candies for the trick or treat hours..

Actually, I haven't been in any Halloween night or party. We don't really have it in Indonesia. Sometimes there are parties that held in some public space but I'm not really in to it, too many people, too much sounds.. But I'd love to have a Halloween night one day. ^^

Anyway, I found these fun little things for you to have for the Halloween..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Talk About Cycle

Designboom just held a competition called Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010, in collaboration with Seoul Design Foundation. It's just ended with tons of great designs on the shortlisted entries. You can check them all here.

And here is the winner..

design by : nils sveje + Design: Inoda Sveje design studio + Technology: IPU Produktudvikling from Italy

designer's own words:
Bike 2.0 the next generation bicycle, will give you more fun with energy boosts when you are cruising around. It makes you daily ride more comfortable with energy leveling and the stepless gearbox. You can even add the seat-tube battery and get there faster. Bike 2.0 has a generator and wires instead of a chain, so you will never get oily pants or fingers from the chain again. The two wireless control-units will control any aspect of your ride. You can easily control all this with the two wireless rings on the handlebar.

Hooow wooaaaww..!!
You know, I think I don't have any more words to say.. They have explained everything.. But I'd like to say that I love how they keep made it simple with the shapes and colors.

Simple can be fun too..!! ^_^

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Convertible Furniture

I have a huge interest about convertible furniture since my last project at uni. I found the word 'convert' on the book Design For Kids and wondered what does that word means, like in a real product, you know, how does a convertible furniture looks like..??

I searched for the meaning of 'convert' and 'convertible' first and had found a lot! (At first I thought it was 'convertable' but then I know it was a wrong phrase) . So here I am with my own conclusion..

"A convertible furniture is a multifunctional furniture or a furniture that can be used with more than one configuration. With that kind of character, a convertible furniture could have longer life and could even save more room space than the others in common."

Anyway, I found this picture when I was googling for image but I couldn't find the owner so I'm sorry for not using the credit here.. Anyone knows? Feel free to let me know on your comments, thank you :)

This convertible sofa would be a perfect product in a small apartment, isn't it..?? ^^

Thursday, September 16, 2010

bike it..!! ^o^

It's been a phenomenon recently, in all over the world - and with no exception, here in Bandung.. Meet the 'fixed gear'.. or call them 'fixie' if you like.. I like to call fixie as 'bike that belongs only for you', heheee.. isn't it great??! hahaaa.. no no no, just call it fixie, it's easier to say anyway.. :P

Well, I won't explain many thing about fixie right now, since I planned to make another blog to talk about bike (and might be with a little fashion and style on it..) hehee.. Wish me luck and wait for the link soon..!! ;)
Hope I could finish my first post for the blog this weekend..

Anyway, here in Product Design Itenas, we have quite a large workshop. With so many students and so different interest we have here, sometimes the workshop is fun to be seen. On a same time, some
students could be working on their task.. while some doing experiment with resin, aluminum, or some other materials for making jewelry.. and some other could be working on their side job, or their own project, make some 'receh' (small amount of money) for 'jajan' (buy little things), hahaaa..

Well, this fixie-thing make so many of us doing a same thing on a same time.. Yup, we are making our own fixed gear..!! Many of us built up our own bike since couple months ago. Some like to have a city bike, while other want a racing, and some doing fixed gear..

Mine, was built up secretly by Sats.. Just met her last week, and I dooo love her a muchmuch!! ^o^ Hyaiiiyyy.. thank yooouuu..!! ^o^

Update-->> Here is the link to my other blog.. I try to capture every single cyclist with their own style-to-bike in my town.. Enjoy it..!! ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Product Design 3 - pixie

After a long long semester, finally I finished my last project at the uni..
Well that's why I haven't posting for ages :P
Anyway, talk about that later..
Now I want to introduce you this little pixie..!! It's my other uni-project. One of my favorite!! ;)
I designed it when I was in my 3rd year.

In Bandung we have a lot of great shoe makers. For that case, my uni ask their 3rd year students to design something related to at least one of them. The project itself depend on the student, what problems do they face, what market do they missed, what opportunity that they didn't even know it was exist..

While in that time, I was like truly madly deeply in love with figure skating. Although I couldn't even spin on the ice, hehee.. :D
We don't have winter here in Indonesia, of course, but we do have some ice rinks.. and lucky me, we have one here in Bandung, so guess what I did for the whole semester when I wasn't at my uni? Yep, hanging around outside the ice rink, observing some skaters, and had baked potato with different sauces and teh botol for dinner almost every day..!! (there was a booth that sold potato with great sauces near the ice rink, I forgot their name, sorry :P)

I did it because I wanted to make a figure skate. Well yeah, imagine a figure skate that was made in Indonesia, the country that never had a winter?!! I thought that would be cool!! So I decided to learn all about ice skates.. Like how it's made, the problem using an ice skate, some type of boots for skates, and some other things related to it.

Then I came up with some sketches like this..

..pick one as my final design and produced the boots at Cibaduyut, the central area of shoe production in Bandung..

..and tadaaaaa..!! meet my pixie...

I haven't test it yet, due to the closed ice rink in Bandung soon after this pair has been done. But couple weeks ago, a new ice rink has just been build up in PVJ, yihiiiii..!! Well, I should spend some time there this week or the week after.. we'll see.. ;)

Monday, May 10, 2010

what is that on my book..??!

I just love them from my first sight! I found this 'Liquid Bookmark' on
design boom's shop. Look at the white one! It really looks like milk. I like the red one best because it looks like blood, hehee.. :P A bookmark couldn't be more interesting than this one! ^o^ hohooo.. I might be over reacting, but I really like this one! hahaa.. :D

Anyway, this set of bookmarks could fly away from Japan to your room if you'd like to have them on your own books. See here for further information about the purchasing things.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

color it up..!!

Walking on this site iF couple days ago, and found this colorful bins on one of their slide here.
It's belong to designers from Southern Taiwan University. They call their concept City Switch, interesting isn't it? Imagine they put it on all over the city streets, ho hoooo.. :D

Anyway, they use the simple theory about seesaw, another adorable thought, I would say. It's very simple, just add the color and yes, I think those people around would like to throw some garbage into it. At least I would, hehee.. and I'd really love to have this cool stuff around my campus. ^^

Friday, April 2, 2010

Product Design 2 - Cantik

Here in Indonesia, we have this gorgeous culture named "batik". You can search it if you want to know more, but all I have to say is that batik is a beautiful art work. Paint the wax on a fabric, color it, remove the wax, and voila! what you will find next is a cool motif on a fabric.

This thing to paint the wax on the fabric is called "canting". Usually, people in Java and other city that produce batik in Indonesia use this canting for paint with the hot liquid wax that is cooked over a pan.

Here I am try to make it simple by making a portable canting that can be used anywhere or everywhere. It's my 2nd project on my major study. Started from a nature phenomena, comparing some products that use the phenomena for their concepts, and ended up with a new product. Meet my Cantik, electronic canting for make batik.

It might haven't work perfectly, but this is it, one of my design for another assignment.. ^^

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

designed by me

I spent some days last week to made this statement necklaces.. Hey, have I told you that me and my friend have an online shop called Mix Match Head..?? You can find it here. See if you like our designs.. ^^

Well, here are mine..

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