Sunday, October 24, 2010

Few Days To Halloween..

It's Halloween soon, you might have prepare costumes for the kids, or for you? Decorate the house and bought some candies for the trick or treat hours..

Actually, I haven't been in any Halloween night or party. We don't really have it in Indonesia. Sometimes there are parties that held in some public space but I'm not really in to it, too many people, too much sounds.. But I'd love to have a Halloween night one day. ^^

Anyway, I found these fun little things for you to have for the Halloween..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Talk About Cycle

Designboom just held a competition called Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010, in collaboration with Seoul Design Foundation. It's just ended with tons of great designs on the shortlisted entries. You can check them all here.

And here is the winner..

design by : nils sveje + Design: Inoda Sveje design studio + Technology: IPU Produktudvikling from Italy

designer's own words:
Bike 2.0 the next generation bicycle, will give you more fun with energy boosts when you are cruising around. It makes you daily ride more comfortable with energy leveling and the stepless gearbox. You can even add the seat-tube battery and get there faster. Bike 2.0 has a generator and wires instead of a chain, so you will never get oily pants or fingers from the chain again. The two wireless control-units will control any aspect of your ride. You can easily control all this with the two wireless rings on the handlebar.

Hooow wooaaaww..!!
You know, I think I don't have any more words to say.. They have explained everything.. But I'd like to say that I love how they keep made it simple with the shapes and colors.

Simple can be fun too..!! ^_^

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Convertible Furniture

I have a huge interest about convertible furniture since my last project at uni. I found the word 'convert' on the book Design For Kids and wondered what does that word means, like in a real product, you know, how does a convertible furniture looks like..??

I searched for the meaning of 'convert' and 'convertible' first and had found a lot! (At first I thought it was 'convertable' but then I know it was a wrong phrase) . So here I am with my own conclusion..

"A convertible furniture is a multifunctional furniture or a furniture that can be used with more than one configuration. With that kind of character, a convertible furniture could have longer life and could even save more room space than the others in common."

Anyway, I found this picture when I was googling for image but I couldn't find the owner so I'm sorry for not using the credit here.. Anyone knows? Feel free to let me know on your comments, thank you :)

This convertible sofa would be a perfect product in a small apartment, isn't it..?? ^^
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