Thursday, October 7, 2010

Convertible Furniture

I have a huge interest about convertible furniture since my last project at uni. I found the word 'convert' on the book Design For Kids and wondered what does that word means, like in a real product, you know, how does a convertible furniture looks like..??

I searched for the meaning of 'convert' and 'convertible' first and had found a lot! (At first I thought it was 'convertable' but then I know it was a wrong phrase) . So here I am with my own conclusion..

"A convertible furniture is a multifunctional furniture or a furniture that can be used with more than one configuration. With that kind of character, a convertible furniture could have longer life and could even save more room space than the others in common."

Anyway, I found this picture when I was googling for image but I couldn't find the owner so I'm sorry for not using the credit here.. Anyone knows? Feel free to let me know on your comments, thank you :)

This convertible sofa would be a perfect product in a small apartment, isn't it..?? ^^

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