Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Product Design 3 - pixie

After a long long semester, finally I finished my last project at the uni..
Well that's why I haven't posting for ages :P
Anyway, talk about that later..
Now I want to introduce you this little pixie..!! It's my other uni-project. One of my favorite!! ;)
I designed it when I was in my 3rd year.

In Bandung we have a lot of great shoe makers. For that case, my uni ask their 3rd year students to design something related to at least one of them. The project itself depend on the student, what problems do they face, what market do they missed, what opportunity that they didn't even know it was exist..

While in that time, I was like truly madly deeply in love with figure skating. Although I couldn't even spin on the ice, hehee.. :D
We don't have winter here in Indonesia, of course, but we do have some ice rinks.. and lucky me, we have one here in Bandung, so guess what I did for the whole semester when I wasn't at my uni? Yep, hanging around outside the ice rink, observing some skaters, and had baked potato with different sauces and teh botol for dinner almost every day..!! (there was a booth that sold potato with great sauces near the ice rink, I forgot their name, sorry :P)

I did it because I wanted to make a figure skate. Well yeah, imagine a figure skate that was made in Indonesia, the country that never had a winter?!! I thought that would be cool!! So I decided to learn all about ice skates.. Like how it's made, the problem using an ice skate, some type of boots for skates, and some other things related to it.

Then I came up with some sketches like this..

..pick one as my final design and produced the boots at Cibaduyut, the central area of shoe production in Bandung..

..and tadaaaaa..!! meet my pixie...

I haven't test it yet, due to the closed ice rink in Bandung soon after this pair has been done. But couple weeks ago, a new ice rink has just been build up in PVJ, yihiiiii..!! Well, I should spend some time there this week or the week after.. we'll see.. ;)

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