Wednesday, January 20, 2010

for baby

My upcoming final assignment is going to be "designing a furniture for baby". Still working on the proposal now, while finishing my assignment for this semester. So many things have to be done this year. ^^

Anyway, I borrowed this book from my friend last year, Designed For Kids. There are so many wonderful nursery products designed by designers from around the world. Somehow I like this bassinet designed by Min Kang, a senior designer from Boston.

This is YiAhn, a modular baby bassinet, if I can say. Min named it after his son, Yi Ahn. He designed it before he was born to showed his love to him. Ah, I just love the story behind it. :P You can find it here.

The problem of a bassinet is, it is expensive and can only be used for a short period of time. After a few months, it will become useless. For that problem, Min made an effort to solve it. The bassinet can be used for many years than before by transforming into some other products like storage, chair and table. And when the family has a second baby, it can be used as a bassinet again.

What a design!! :D
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