Sunday, February 20, 2011


That word is just jump out of my brain when I saw these cool concept from PeliDesign. They said that they tried to combine of the "plastic-world" and the world of wooden furniture to create some unique pieces of furniture.

The result is just too cool to be ignored. It looks like the resin is grew up and stick on the wood naturally.. and the forms are highly represent the differences between the character of plastic and wood.

I really love the stool by the way, heheee.. :D


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lego Fridges

Are you living together with some friends and have to share like everything in the house with them? Some of them might be very neat, while the others could be a little gross. Now the second type of person could be really sucks that sometimes make you sick of trying to tell them how to tidy up things around.

And how about the fridge? Sharing a fridge is not as easy as it looks, I know, because it happens in my parents home. I'm such a woman that like to keep my things well-organize. In the fridge, I'd like to keep my cheese in a same place before and after I used it. And the same things happen to some other stuff too, like chocolates and juices, and it sucks when someone took mine as he/she think it's their stuff, aaaarrgghh drives me crazy..!! >.<

When a fridge could be a problem in a family, I bet there are hundreds of people that have problem with their roommates about it too. So, I just stepped on to an interesting post with a very catchy title, "Stackable Lego Fridges Thwart Thieving Roomates". Hahaaa.. :D and I really think that this design could be a way out of those kind of fridges-problems between roomates. ;)

It's private, big enough for one person's stuff, stackable, and they said that each module can be customize with a variety of skins and add-ons. Oh.. How I wish I had that when I was in the college last year.. ^^

Anyway, it was post from 2009 that I read, I am not sure if they really produce this 'cool' fridges yet. If you know something about it, please let me know.. ^^
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