Sunday, November 21, 2010

Incheon International Design Awards 2010

The theme was Green Life. And I was really amazed by the results. I mean like whoaaahh..!! There are lots of great designers out there..

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you my favorite..

name of design : c - water
design by : chao gao from china
designer's own words:
C-WATER is a device which produces freshwater. It evaporates sewage, salt water and other watery objects by the use of heat generated from sunlight. It is applicable to wetlands, beaches, boats, sewage and other places. It has a flexible pull-type design. Not only can it be used as the deflector of steam, but also it is space-saving and convenient for transporting. What’s more, it is beneficial to travelers to use when they are out. The aim of C-WATER is to advocate the value of creating highly environmental protection with low costs.

What I like about this product..
The concept! When I first read the competition information at my uni, most of my thought are how to change the environment, or using the solar energy for some gadget and things like that. But this is so much more amazing! Using the solar energy for getting a pure water is just awesome.. ^o^
One thing that make me wondered is, how long could it take to have a glass of water using this product?
But after all, it is awesome! :D

It's clean and simple.. The form, the color, the signs. Nothing complicated.

Well done..
Congrats for the winners..!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bobble Sport Water Bottle

Buying bottled water is really a waste. But we need it for keep away from dehydration. How about using our own bottle? We keep on buying it when the water is running out, don't we??

Now see this cool little bottle designed by one of the greatest designer ever, Karim Rashid.

What makes it special is the awesome cap that filters tap water as you drink it. The water taste clean because the positively-charged carbon filter removes organic contaminants. Each filter gives you 2 months of  crisp and clean water, and you can replace the filter cap after that. Awesome! ^O^

And they come in 6 bold colours, red, blue, green, magenta, yellow and black. I love the blue one, off course, heheee.. :D

Get the Bobble Water Bottle for £9.95 from Scarlet & Jones.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Biedermeier

I'm new to this style, but I do curious about it..
So the story is.. I was checking on this group page Gaisbauer Furniture on my Facebook account and interested on their products. So I look at their website here and found a lot more gorgeous furniture..

Stool (walnut)
Sofa (walnut)
I'm not really a big fans of classic but I like some of classic furniture.. They come in great shapes, really.. Some were combined by another materials (like that stool) that made it look simpler and yet modern, not old.. And I love the fact that they usually manufactured by hand.. and this Gaisbauer Furniture, made me curious about the Biedermeier style that they use on their products.

On my conclusion, Biedermeier style in furniture design is one of the classic styles that was very influential during the early 19th century in Austria and Germany, when the prospering middle-classes wanted a simpler style than the pompous, magnificent Empire style with its grand monumental mahogany furniture.

Biedermeier furniture used locally available materials such as cherry, ash and oak woods. The furniture was simple and elegant. Its original geometric shape often leads it to being described as the forerunner of the modern furniture.

Secretaire (walnut)
The secretaire is one of my favorite. I think it might be the 'it' thing on that time, like you have to put them on your room so that could make you look more fashionable.. things like that, you know, you are very cool if you have one, hehee..

Anyway, Gaisbauer Furniture is also did some projects with other designer. From cocktail bar project to the office room. And I do have my favorite one of their project.. This oval dinning set designed by Ernst Fuchs is just sooo gorgeous..!! :D

Oval Dinning Set Designed by Ernst Fuchs

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