Friday, November 6, 2009

fun products..

Simple things could be very interesting..

I just found this gorgeous CHOPPING BOARDS on one of my bookmarked site, Kitchen Critic. They said that no two boards are the same, great isn't it? I really would like to have one, but I haven't got my own house. Should I buy and save it for later in my parents house?? Hmm.. I don't think so, heheee.. :P

There are four designs available for sale. A small character laser engraved into the Acacia wood, and transformed those natural wood grains into a unique and beautiful landscape behind the illustration. Ooooooww, what a great idea..!! ^0^

Thursday, October 22, 2009

fun products..

Hi there! :D

Talk about sharing something..
At my uni, we learn that to design a product we must have considered the other things that related to the product. It's like we have to know well what material to be used to produce it, what kind of people that will use the product, and so many other things including the reason behind the form of the product that we designed.

Sometimes I wondered if I can make a product just because I want to make it. Wait.. no no.. actually I did it, hahaa.. Me and my friends make necklaces to be sold, and we make it just because we want to, heheee.. I mean, we make those jewelry as we like. You know, some people have the same taste about fashion, so I thought that some people might like our designs like we do. :P

Anyway, I really like this product. Help! bookmark. It is a paperclip with arms used as a bookmark. When the book is closed, it appear to look like a people that have been stuck between your pages. Whoaaa.. it's really cute, hahaaa..!! :D

I found them on designboom. If you like those gorgeous-thought bookmarks you can buy them here. ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

fun design..

fun is orange, orange is fun..!! \(^o^)/
I just love orange.. Doesn't mean I don't like other colors, just lovin' it most.. :D
Check out some of this fun little things..
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