Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Add Pink To Your Room..!!

Randomly searching for pink furniture and found this amazing pictures of them on Flickr..

Design Inspiration: Dark yet Cozy Interior Design Ideas
Antique French Bamboo washtand - black pink and distressed
Antique French Bamboo washtand - black pink and distressed
Kitchen Table by Kezam

the pink chair : )

Pinkylicious..!! Hopefully could be an inspiration for you..
Have a nice day.. April is coming.. ^^

Monday, March 14, 2011

Made by Recycled Electrical Wire

I was just step on this picture on google image search and found an interesting fact about a recycled electrical wire.. They could be pretty cool when transformed into other stuff..!!
Grain Electric Wire Ring

What else can be made from a recycled wire?? I did some research and found this lovely product that were made by them..

Electric Wire Star
Grain Electric Love Bangle
Electric Wire Chair
Electric Wire Bookmarks
Electrical Wire Necklace
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