Monday, February 27, 2012

Simple and Finished

They called it Fundamental Furniture..
For those who might have never know, let me show you some products design by Japanese furniture maker from Building Fundamental Furniture, one of the "form follow function" furniture maker believers..

Using a fine material with a sufficient design and accurate structure, leave it without any decoration but beautifully finished. They design furniture that is adaptable and modular, so that the user could freely changing the layout of their room, and also could be use for a long time due to the growth of the family.

These are my favorites.. (^^)
The basic furniture gives the user ability to arrange their room easily, and the variety of the wood could give a different touch for every room. Who knows that simple could be so much fun..?! :)

Visit their website here to see more nice and clean designs from Building Fundamental Furniture.

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